Get To Know GO (Group Online)

A convenient, user-friendly administration tool that allows you to securely access and manage your Symetra group benefits and stop loss policies.

GO for Life, Disability and Absence Management

Online administration for group life and disability self-administered and list-billed policyholders

  Overview of GO for self-administered accounts
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  Overview of GO for list bill accounts
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Access policy documents, forms and administrative guides

  • Review effective and renewal dates
  • Confirm policy coverages
  • Order bulk printing of certificates
  • Locate customer service information
  • Review "Evidence of Insurability" report to monitor status1

View billing statements

  • Submit premium calculation statements for self-administered groups
  • Make electronic payments

Employee management for list-bill accounts

  • View enrollment reports
  • Enroll new hires, update coverage amount and eligibility status
  • Change salary, benefit and employment status

Check claim status

  • Initiate claims
  • View claim reports
  • Send documents securely to our claims team

GO for Stop Loss

Online administration for stop loss policyholders

  Overview of GO for stop loss
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Find policy information and documents

  • Confirm policy coverages
  • Download forms and administrative guides
  • Locate sales and service contact information

View billing statements

  • Access premium reports and payment history
  • Request and view Schedule A information
  • Submit premium calculation statement(s)
  • Make electronic payments

Check claim status

  • Search for reimbursements
  • View claim reports
  • Print an explanation of reimbursement
  • Send documents securely to our claims team

Go for Select Benefits Voluntary

Online administration for accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity and fixed-payment insurance policyholders.

  Overview of GO for Select Benefits Voluntary
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Find policy information and documents

  • Confirm policy coverages
  • Download claim and tax-related forms
  • Run a customized "Insured Enrollment Report"

View billing statements

  • Access statements from previous months
  • Retrieve printer-friendly versions

Manage primary insureds

  • Add new insured
  • Search for insured
  • Review primary insureds' dashboards
  • Edit insureds' personal information, coverages, dependents, and beneficiaries2

MyGO for Employees

Online administration for employees enrolled in a Symetra benefits plan.

  • Initiate disability and leave of absence claims
  • Self-register to view claim and status payment details
  • Contact claims customer service
  • Download forms and other helpful claims process information

Mobile friendly for convenience on-the-go

  • Tap on the share button or menu button depending on your mobile device
  • Select “Add to Home Screen”


Symetra Life Insurance Company, 777 108th Avenue NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004.

First Symetra National Life Insurance Company of New York, New York, NY. Mailing address: P.O. Box 34690, Seattle, WA 98124.

Symetra Life Insurance Company is a direct subsidiary of Symetra Financial Corporation. First Symetra National Life Insurance Company of New York is a direct subsidiary of Symetra Life Insurance Company and is an indirect subsidiary of Symetra Financial Corporation (collectively, ‘Symetra’). Neither Symetra Financial Corporation nor Symetra Life Insurance Company solicits business in the state of New York and they are not authorized to do so. Each company is responsible for its own financial obligations.

1 Available for all policies subject to evidence of insurability.

2 Adding and modifying beneficiaries is only available to policies that also have a group life policy.


Sales & Support
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