Group Life and Disability Toolkit

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We’ve created a toolkit to provide you with our most popular resources to connect with clients and help meet their goals.



Help your clients learn about the benefits of partnering with Symetra by sharing these short explainer videos.


Provides employees an overview of group life insurance.

Offers employees a high-level explanation of group disability insurance.





Introduces and highlights features of the online portal.



Flyers and Brochures

Read through our flyers for more information on what sets Symetra apart from the competition.


Group life and disability capabilities flyer (PDF)

Provides a high-level overview of group life, disability and absence management products, and key details of Symetra.

FMLA absence management administration brochure (PDF)

Gives a detailed look at our absence management with an emphasis on FMLA administration.





Online options for Evidence of Insurability flyer (PDF)

Provides an overview of online Evidence of Insurability options.

Group life and disability overview brochure (PDF)

Learn more about our life and disability insurance.





Online enrollment and evidence of insurability flyer (PDF)

Illustrates how employees will use our online portal to update coverage amounts and submit Evidence of Insurability applications.

Value-add Programs

Our value-add programs complement the insurance benefits provided under each policy and strengthen our goal of getting people to a better place.


Value-add programs concept brochure (PDF)

Gives a high-level description of EAP, Travel Assist, ID Theft Resolution and Beneficiary Companion programs.




Find answers to commonly asked questions about filing a long-term and short-term disability claim.


Long-term disability claim flyer (PDF)

Includes responses to frequently asked questions pertaining to filing a long-term disability claim.

Short-term disability claim flyer (PDF)

Answers frequently asked questions about filing a short-term disability claim.

Group Online (GO)

Group Online (GO) is a convenient, user-friendly online administration tool for employers to securely access and manage their policy information from anywhere at anytime. To learn more, visit


Group Online (GO) flyer (PDF)

Provides an overview of GO features and functionality.



Inside Track Educational Papers

Our Inside Track educational papers offer a closer look at the products, features and regulations that drive the benefits business. For additional Inside Track articles, visit the articles for employers page.


Social Security Disability Income (PDF)

Explains how to maximize potential SSDI benefits.

Navigating Family and Medical Leaves (PDF)

Covers the FMLA and benefits of outsourcing leave administration.





Imputed Income and the Straddle Rule (PDF)

Offers an explanation on calculating imputed income on group life policies.



Enrollment Toolkits

We have a variety of electronic and printable materials to help make your next enrollment a success.

Group life and disability income insurance policies are insured by Symetra Life Insurance Company, 777 108th Avenue NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004. Coverage may be subject to exclusions and limitations, reductions and termination of benefit provisions. Base policy form number is GDC-4000 12/05.