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Tools to help you navigate the changing benefits landscape, connect with clients and meet their goals.



Short videos to explain our products and coverage to employees.

Product guides

Learn how our products allow clients to create benefits packages that work for their businesses and employees.

Group Online (GO)

Group Online (GO) is a convenient, user-friendly online administration tool for employers to securely access and manage their policy information from anywhere at anytime. To learn more, visit, or view our Group Online flyer (PDF).



Get to know GO


Inside Track educational papers

Our Inside Track educational papers offer a closer look at the products, features and regulations that drive the benefits business. To access, visit our articles for employers page.


Value-add programs can help employees save (PDF)

Learn about benefits that can help employees manage and reduce expenses.

Group accident coverage: Expense based vs. scheduled benefit (PDF)

Learn why your clients should consider adding accident coverage to their employee benefits package and the advantages and drawbacks of two different policy types.



Critical illness insurance (PDF)

Describes how critical illness insurance can help with unplanned expenses when a medical crisis hits.

Maximizing the potential of health savings accounts (HSAs) (PDF)

Provides an explanation of Health Savings Accounts.



Financial wellness at work with voluntary benefits (PDF)

Describes how voluntary benefits help employees prepare for unexpected expenses.