Stop loss toolkit

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Help your clients learn about stop loss and the benefits of partnering with Symetra by sharing these short explainer videos.



Stop loss 101

Provides an overview of stop loss insurance.


Preferred ASO Claim Advance

Explains the advantages of Symetra’s Preferred ASO Claim Advance option.






Aggregating Specific

Describes the benefits of incorporating an aggregating specific deductible to your policy.


Catastrophic claims

Illustrates how we can help limit the risk of high-cost claims with stop loss insurance.


Help your clients discover what sets Symetra apart from the competition.


Product overview flyer (PDF)

Provides the reader with key product facts.

Preferred ASO Claim Advance Flyer (PDF)

Gives an overview of the Preferred ASO Claim Advance option.





Stop loss capabilities flyer (PDF)

Features product highlights and financial ratings.

Questions to ask a stop loss carrier flyer (PDF)

What to ask potential carriers, and Symetra’s responses.





Catastrophic claims flyer (PDF)

Provides an overview of large and catastrophic claims using Symetra's claims data.

Case study: Pharmaceutical Overcharging (PDF)

Describes how Symetra's team handled an overcharging situation.

Symetra Compliance Solutions (Provided by Enquiron®)

This new value-add program for stop loss lets employers ask ERISA attorneys about their health plans and provides access to on-demand training, resources, tools and more.


Symetra Compliance Solutions overview flyer (PDF)

Gives an overview of this value-add program for stop loss policyholders.



Group Online (GO)

Group Online (GO) is a convenient, user-friendly online administration tool for employers to securely access and manage their policy information from anywhere at anytime. To learn more, visit, or view our Group Online flyer (PDF).



Get to know GO

Introduces and highlights features of the online portal.


Inside Track Educational Papers

Our Inside Track educational papers offer a closer look at the products, features and regulations that drive the benefits business. For additional Inside Track articles, visit the articles for employers page.


Managed care provider networks: How they affect stop loss pricing (PDF)

Explains what stop loss carriers look for in networks to provide the best pricing for their coverage.

High-cost pharmaceuticals: Their effect on self-funded medical plans (PDF)

Describes the benefits and costs of pharmaceuticals and how they can affect self-funded medical plans.





Understanding advance funding provisions (PDF)

Provides an explanation of advance funding provisions.



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