Group life and AD&D

Financial protection for the future

Life insurance provides important financial protection for employees' families that can help pay for funeral costs, mortgages, college tuition and more.

Our group term life insurance offers coverage through convenient payroll deduction, plus accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefits for further protection.

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Two coverages to choose from



Basic group life and AD&D

Basic group life and AD&D offers valuable term life insurance at a lower cost than individual coverage. AD&D may be sold in conjunction with basic life to provide an additional death benefit for an accidental loss of life, dismemberment or severe physical injury.


Supplemental group life and AD&D

Our supplemental life and AD&D offers the same features found in our basic life and AD&D policy, and employees can buy additional coverage based on their needs.

Symetra Support programs


AD&D packages

Value-added services



Seat belt, air bag, repatriation.


Beneficiary Assistance

Beneficiary assistance coordinators provide 24/7 support and guidance following the death of a loved one.



Standard benefits, plus child and spouse education, day care, rehabilitation, adaptive home and vehicle.


Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance provides pre-trip planning information and emergency assistance while traveling 100 miles or more from home on a trip lasting 90 days or less.


Enhanced Plus

Enhanced benefits, plus coma, critical burn, felonious assault and therapeutic counseling.


Identity Theft Assistance

Provides guidance and support in the event an identity is stolen—including help with card replacement, translation services, and notification of the incident to the three major credit bureaus.



A simple, secure and affordable online tool that allows insureds to decide what documents they need for estate planning and final arrangements.

Compelling features to empower your customers

  • Customizable coverage options.
  • Three-year premium rate guarantee for most groups.1
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Enhanced Continuity of Coverage (no-loss/no-gain) provision.
  • Conversion and portability with no evidence of insurability required.
  • Accelerated death benefit up to 80% of policy face value.

Online Administration

Administration is easy with our Group Online (GO) tool.

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Group life insurance policies are insured by Symetra Life Insurance Company, 777 108th Ave NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004, and are not available in any U.S. territory. Our New York subsidiary insures products for New York policyholders.

Travel Assistance, Identity Theft Assistance and Beneficiary Assistance are offered through On Call International. EstateGuidance® is provided by ComPsych® Corporation. Neither On Call International nor ComPsych® are affiliated with Symetra Life Insurance Company or any of its affiliates. Benefits may not be available in all states.

1Underwriting requirements may apply.