Tribal group life insurance

Protecting traditions for future generations

The loss of a tribal member or shareholder is a time for grief, remembrance and respect. Traditional burial ceremonies are a way to honor the life of a valued friend or loved one while teaching younger generations about the unique customs of their culture.

Symetra tribal group life insurance can help provide financial support to tribal members and shareholders following the death of a loved one.

Symetra Support programs

These programs are offered by Symetra affiliates.

Tribal Member Assistance Program (TMAP)

TMAP is available at an additional cost and can find resources to help tribal members and shareholders navigate with life’s challenges such as locating child or elder care, dealing with substance abuse and managing family relationships. Includes up to three telephonic counseling sessions each calendar year.


Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance provides pre-trip planning information and emergency assistance while traveling 100 miles or more from home.

The program also includes repatriation of remains if death occurs while traveling, including all necessary government authorizations, a container appropriate for transportation, and return home of the remains for burial.


Beneficiary Assistance

Beneficiary Assistance offers 24/7 support and guidance following the death of a loved one.


Identity Theft Assistance

Provides guidance and support in the event an identity is stolen—including help with card replacement, translation services, and notification of the incident to the three major credit bureaus.


EstateGuidance Program

A simple, secure and affordable online tool that allows insureds to decide what documents they need for estate planning and final arrangements.


Compelling features to empower your customers

  • Every policy we write is unique to the membership guidelines set by the tribe, rancheria or pueblo.
  • Coverage for all tribal members and shareholders. Membership status is determined by the tribe.
  • Guaranteed issue coverage for all members and shareholders.
  • Naming the tribe as beneficiary.1
  • No required waiver of Sovereign Nation immunity.
  • Flexible age-reduction schedules.2

Tools to support your client discussions

Tribal group life overview guide (PDF)

In addition to the tribal life coverage discussed above, Symetra offers a suite of group life, disability and fixed-payment insurance benefits that that may be available to enterprise employees of the tribes. They can choose to provide coverage as part of a compensation package, offer it on a voluntary basis, or both. Our flexible policy designs and consultative approach help ensure your clients get exactly the benefits they need at a price that fits their budget.

Online Administration

Administration is easy with our Group Online (GO) tool.

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Group life policies, insured by Symetra Life Insurance Company, 777 108th Avenue NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004, are not available in any U.S. territory. Base policy form number is LGC-10039 12/12.

Coverage may be subject to exclusions, limitations, reductions and termination of benefit provisions. For costs and complete details of the coverage, call your Symetra representative.

Travel Assistance, Identity Theft Assistance and Beneficiary Assistance are offered through On Call International. EstateGuidance® and Tribal Member Assistance Program are provided by ComPsych® Corporation. Neither On Call International nor ComPsych® are affiliated with Symetra Life Insurance Company or any of its affiliates. Benefits may not be available in all states.

1Not available in Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Montana and North Dakota.

2Benefits are typically subject to standard age reductions, but no age reductions may be quoted with underwriting review and approval.